Almost definitely the best track experience . . . the world. Be the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. Earn your own place on our celebrity leaderboard. See why the Follow-through earned its name and how an Ariel Atom can reshape your face. Hang around the actual hangar where Top Gear is filmed, complete with the presenters’ chairs, car displays and old crisp packets. Sit in the presenters' chairs, re-arrange the Cool Wall, and check out some amazing cars that have featured in the show. It’s just like experiencing Top Gear on the telly. Except it’s not on the telly.

  • Star in a Reasonably Priced Car

    Join the long list of celebs who’ve gone around the Top Gear Test Track, by setting your own lap time in the Reasonably Priced Car. You even earn a place on our leaderboard.

  • Off-road

    Wade up to your wheelnuts in muck and learn how to avoid a tank… all from the comfort of a nice, comfy 4x4. Who said going slowly was boring?

  • Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Short Circuit

    Drive the mighty Kia Cee’d for three laps of the short circuit – an edited version of the Top Gear Test Track featuring Chicago, Hammerhead and the Follow-through.

  • Off-road 17s and under

    If Top Gear did driving tests, they would possibly look something like this. So if you’re aged from 11 to 17 and fancy your first taste of driving a proper car, step this way.

  • Hot Lap with The Stig

    Some say that the drinks cabinet in his car contains 14 different types of custard. All we know is he’s called The Stig and he’ll drive you around the Top Gear test track as quickly as possible.

  • Ariel Atoms

    After driving the ballistic Ariel Atom around a twisty track, your face will never look the same again. Not convinced? We’ll give you the video evidence to prove it…

  • Hot Lap

    Fancy being driven around a track as fast as possible? We have just the thing for you. If Top Gear did taxi rides, they would possibly look something like this…

The Leaderboard

  • 1. Hugo Fitzger . . . 1:38.94
  • 2. Richard Peut . . . 1:39.91
  • 3. Wayne Hinchl . . . 1:39.97
  • 4. David Yates 1:40.53
  • 5. Craig Ost 1:40.59
  • 6. Philip Hobso . . . 1:40.81
  • 7. Ross Butler 1:40.87
  • 8. Shane Burn 1:40.96
  • 9. Jason McGuin . . . 1:41.6
  • 10. Jason Matthe . . . 1:41.6

Good news!

"The perfect day out for any Top Gear fan" - The Sunday Times

"There's never been a driving day out quite like this" Daily Star

‘It’s not every day you find yourself sat next to The Stig hurtling along TOP GEAR’s race track’ – The Sun.

“Experience the adrenaline rush of sitting next to the programme’s driver The Stig as he silently steers a tyre-screeching lap” The Mirror  -

‘In the end I was thrilled – childishly, shamelessly, properly thrilled – by it all. I immediately wanted another go.’ Tim Dowling The Guardian

‘Fans of Top Gear will find it a huge amount of fun, experiencing the lack of grip through the Hammerhead, or being pushed to take The Follow Through flat out.’ The Telegraph

‘Even at 30mph in the Atom it feels more like flying than driving.’

What is striking about the offering is just how much thought and effort has gone into making it a really authentic Top Gear experience that appeals to car nuts, and casual fans (like me) in equal measure’ Radio Times